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1. Who is the modern philosopher who was awarded Nobel Prize for literature?
2. 'Panic seized the writer' বাক্যটির passive from হবে—
3. Plural from of “Deer” ?
4. Salma said to me, "Have you a LED TV ?"
5. He is devoid _____ commonsense.
6. The headmaster and the secretary of the school _____ present in the meeting.
7. Everybody _____ gone there.
8. I look forward ___ you.
9. “Out and out” means-
10. Antonym of - HOLLOW
11. Select the correct English translation of: “The boy takes after his father”
12. He was divested __ all power.
13. Life is to death as pleasure is to ......
14. Slow and steady _____ the race. (Fill in the gap)
15. She is good ___ lawn tennis.
16. Milk is preferable _______ coffee.
17. She accused me........stealing her flowers.
18. The antonym of ’docile’ is——
19. Which is the correct sentence?
20. He is quite _ in dealing with people.
21. Paper is made _____ wood.
22. Can u.......me happy.
23. Smoking tells upon our body. Here ‘tell upon’ means-
24. The killing of one man by another man?
25. সে এক সপ্তাহ যাবত অসুস্থ। - translation

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