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1. “ Hold water " mean-
2. Synonym of - INFREQUENT
3. The killing of one man by another man?
4. Slow and steady _____ the race. (Fill in the gap)
5. He was divested __ all power.
6. The answer was written ...... blue ink.
7. Which living in poverty,the poet had to _ a great deal of sufferings
8. Stockings are _ socks
9. The expression 'to look after' means-
10. There is no alternative _____ training.
11. `syntax' means -
12. Antonym of - ANNOY
13. Life is to death as pleasure is to ......
14. The word ‘dilly-dally’ means:
15. Who is the Author of the book ‘Of human Bondage’?
16. He learned to read and write quite - - - in his life.
17. Select the correct English translation of: “The boy takes after his father”
18. His office is ________ the top of the stairs.
19. If a person cannot stop taking drugs, he is –
20. What is the adjective of word “Heart" ?
21. He is devoid _____ commonsense.
22. Antonym for "Oblige"
23. Be sure to avail yourself..........this opportunity.
24. I am not bad ----- tennis.
25. By and large means-----

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